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Vocalist, Actress, Author, Chameleon ...

"The stage is the most truthful arena of self-discovery..." - Cat Christ

On 7/17/17, Cat Hayes said "I do" to the love of my life, and now I am Cat Christ. I'm in the process of updating my page with content and my new name...

Having spent four decades on stages across the country from the East Coast to Hawaii, I have earned the nickname "Gypsy Cat."
Currently I am living in and loving the Seattle area...
But... the home to my soul is Maui, where I spent 15 years raising my sons though it meant leaving lands of greater career options.
I would do it again. And there will always be a bit of Maui shack in my heart.

A working performer, I have several ongoing ventures:
Currently I'm in a new television series, which will be streaming on Amazon, called "Althea" produced by Rogue Raven Productions in association with Blue Forge Productions.
One of my more recent projects I was involved with is also arguably the one I'm most proud of: "Chairs," produced by SilverKite, an organization dedicated to intergenerational, intercultural community and worldwide outreach drama therapy.
This touches SO many places of passion in my heart and I am thrilled and honored to be part of this phenomenal humanist team
... and always ALWAYS there is ~new~ around the bend...

For more, including my "Cat Events" calendar and Current Projects, please feel free to browse the links above.

Thank you and aloha!