~Cat Hayes~
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Vocalist, Actress, Author, Chameleon ...

"The stage is the most truthful arena of self-discovery..." - Cat Hayes

Having spent four decades on stages across the country from the East Coast to Hawaii, I have earned the nickname "Gypsy Cat."
Currently I am living in and loving the Seattle area...
But... the home to my soul is Maui, where I spent 15 years raising my sons though it meant leaving lands of greater career options.
I would do it again. And there will always be a bit of Maui shack in my heart.

A working performer, I have several ongoing ventures: The Murder Mystery Company, Indigo Jazz Big Band, Hedda Gabler at Harlequin Theatre, plus a few additional cobblestones... and always ALWAYS there is ~new~ around the bend...

For more, including my "Cat Events" calendar and Current Projects, please feel free to browse the links above.

Thank you and aloha!