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The story of Gypsy Cat begins 57 years ago on a cold February morning in Indiana...
...and at a very early age a little girl began to sing...

At age 17, I was selected by Eastman School of Music to attend a summer program of schooling for musically gifted kids.
At age 19, I landed my first professional musical theatre gig.
Since then I have performed as an actress and vocalist on stages in eighteen states - the majority in Florida, Texas, California, and Hawaii -
with intermittent derailments of "real job" life which never suited me but which often gave me great character study.

With an intense case of Extreme ADHD that I didn't for many years know was a thing with a name as opposed to just something
oddly unsettled in me, I found solace and passion in musical and expressive moments as purity without agenda.
Song, dance, art, the spoken and written word. Purity.

My mother once said to me "You are an amoeba floating through the maze of life." It was not meant to be a compliment.
And yet I now realize that she was right... and that it's in the moments I don't fight it when I am at my best...
And through the years as I have wandered in various quests - including raising two amazing now-adult sons as a single mother -
I have never let the artistic vision and expression within me die.

I am a Mennonite-born humanist and agnostic atheist, and a ponderer of life philosophies with a passionate appreciation
for the vast horizonless palette of beauty that surrounds and permeates us all in this fascinating world that we share.
And I was born to share.

That's the encapsulated version...