~Welcome to Cat's Photo Gallery!~

Before I display the monopolizing parade of self-indulgence, I'd like to proudly show off my sons, Tony and Nick:

And now, on with the monopolizing parade of self-indulgence ;)

With Brooke Shields: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Ben Vereen: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Ann Jillian's choreographer:

Follies, 1982: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Star Trek, 1990: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Starstruck, 1985:

As Rhetta in Pump Boys and Dinettes, 2005

As Ruby in Dames At Sea, 1981 (on right): ~~~ As Mona in Dames At Sea, 2006 (on right):

(click here for Dames At Sea's RAVE REVIEW from opening night with Maui Mayor Arakawa in the audience during a blackout!)

As Domina in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 2007

As Vicki Nichols in The Full Monty, 2007

As Moira (the redhead in the crown) in the monologue Fifteen Minutes in "Talking With..." 2008

As Erzulie, Goddess of Love in Once On This Island, 2008

Dancing Thriller at the Haunted Theater Event ... 2008

As Stepsister Pudgina (the hot redhead) in Cinderella, 2009

With a couple of my homegirls at the MACC, Feb '08